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John King



The attached spreadsheet is an excerpt from a much larger spreadsheet compiled by the late Tim Gilbert of through trains between Potomac Yard and Monroe Virginia.    Most of the gons were in through service between Potomac Yard  (4) and Monroe (165).  I have highlighted the few local cars in yellow.    There is a nice interesting variety here.   Any of them could have occasionally wound up on the B&O Shenandoah Subdivision.


I’m familiar with the branch line you are modeling.   The interchanges on the B&O’s Shenandoah Sub had very little use as through routes.   The tariffs I have show the interchange for traffic on the B&O between the west and the Southern as Potomac Yard.   The only routes via Strasburg Jct. were for traffic to and from stations on Southern’s Harrisonburg Branch or traffic to or from stations on the B&O’s Shenandoah Sub.      Through traffic from the N&W generally was interchanged on the main line at Shenandoah Jct., not Charlestown but there might be the occasional carload of coal in a gondola. 


That pretty much limits us to what might be delivered to a station on the Shenandoah Sub. or the occasional interchange car to the Southern. 


There were lots of B&O container gons to the lime and dolomite plants.    Unfortunately, there is no current model available for the 50 foot B&O O-27B cars used with the containers. 


John King




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Thanks for all the replies. As info, I am doing this same project with the flat cars on my layout so I will use the results here with them also.


Clyde - great idea looking at photos of trains. They, like conductors reposts are rare for my sub-division, but will keep on looking for them.


Jack - that table is exactly what I was looking for. Even though it is 1953, It will give me a good starting point to go further with this project. I definitely will go back to my ORER and look at the top 10 fleets and also examine the “friendly” interchanges with the B&O on and off this sub-division.


Todd - thanks for turning me on to the recapitulation list for each railroad; just found them in my ORER! This saves a lot of time looking up and adding numbers. I have my list of industries and the type of cars they use; I am constant refining it as I acquire more info, which is an ongoing pursuit. 


I started this project this past weekend as the wife and I are “social distancing”. Being retired and all my volunteer gigs are cancelled this week and next, I have a lot of time to operate and work on the layout. Projects like these are most enjoyable and keep my brain active.


Thanks again!


Fran Giacoma

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