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Schleigh Mike

Hello Freight Car Aficionados!

Yesterday I received a nice package of photos from Bob Liljestrand.  Speaking with him on the phone, I learned that he is more than willing to offer his services if you wish to write or call to discuss specifics.  His details are as follows---

Bob’s Photo

P. O. Box 52

Wallingford, KY  41093    Phone----606-845-3323

Most of you know he has neither email nor a web site AND no catalog.  However, if you request something like a C&O boxcar in the group 18500-18999, he can probably help you.

Like most of us, Bob is stuck at home with all near-term train shows/meets cancelled.  He would appreciate the chance to help you with any photos he might have.  He likes to talk too.

I have no skin in this message and I trust I can be forgiven its posting at this time.

Kind regards from wet Grove City, Penna,
Where the skunk cabbage is emerging---Mike Schleigh

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