Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Schuyler Larrabee


On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 02:34 PM, Brian Carlson wrote:

Who models their fleet based on staging? (Other than maybe Clark P) you should have some off-layout storage also or you’re gonna get bored with the same cars and your operators will begin to know where to route a car automatically. 

Brian J. Carlson 


And our friend Clark responded:


Ah! That's where your ops strategy comes in. I operate on layouts using 4 place bills and yes you learn what goes where. IF the cars are 'noticeable' meaning bright colors or unusual design. My gon's, hoppers all look pretty much alike, so there's no memory retention. Cars carry the same load, but seldom go to the same customers each ops. Operators are more interested in what goes where rather than the model, especial if they're generic looking.
CW Propst


That’s exactly correct, Clark.  I operate on a club layout where we use +/- 300-350 cars in the freight car fleet.  Our “Classic” operations are two sequential months, followed by two months of “Modern” ops, then back to Classic, and so on.  So even though I only participate I the “Classic” sessions, with that spacing out of the sessions  and I can think right now of about five cars that show up randomly, every four or five months, when they show up in the yard, I don’t have to look at the waybill – I know what train I should put it in.  The waybills for all the other cars change, even for tank cars, so everything else requires looking at the waybill to establish where it goes from here.  Much more engaging of brain and pleasure.


And as much as I like that “brick” car, that’s why I am unlikely to build one.




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