Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Clark Propst

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 08:47 AM, Brian Carlson wrote:
 I was responding to the OP’s comment that he “only room for 2 additional gondolas in the fleet due to a limited amount and length of the staging tracks.” 
Those 2 gons are going to stand out if used every session. 
Brian J. Carlson 
I have selves behind my staging yard. After a run a train is completely replaced with cars from the shelves. I stage three trains with one or two gons and/or hoppers. There are a half dozen or so customers on the layout, so the one may only receive a car every third section or longer?
Big take away, you can't, or should, keep all your cars on the layout. But, it's a good way to keep your fleet under control  ;  ))
CW Propst

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