Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Fran Giacoma

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:47 AM, Brian Carlson wrote:
"I was responding to the OP’s comment that he “only room for 2 additional gondolas in the fleet due to a limited amount and length of the staging tracks.” 
Those 2 gons are going to stand out if used every session."

Here are the facts:
1) a scrap dealer has a one car spot for a gondola. It does not get switched every session
2) there are two other industries that either get a gondola or a flatcar. One interchange gets a gondola every third session or so
3) my gondola fleet will consist of 4 different cars. My total car fleet is 145 cars. I have 25 industries (most with multiple spots) and three different railroad interchanges

I have two 3-person crews that each operate twice a year (spring and fall) on the layout. So much else changes between visits that they never notice the same car going to the same industry as before, if it happens (extremely rare). I am deeply into prototype ops (layout is TTTO) so the crews are too busy operating their trains by looking for "fixed signals", their paperwork (clearance forms, train orders, switch lists, timetable, etc), and enjoying the scenery that in my many years of operating, I never heard that comment from any of them.

I operate the layout weekly myself and never get bored of my cars; the amount is just right for my space and operating scheme. I change them out as a result of research about what I am modeling. 
Fran Giacoma

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