Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Schuyler Larrabee


Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

 That’s exactly correct, Clark.  I operate on a club layout where we use +/- 300-350 cars in the freight car fleet.  Our “Classic” operations are two sequential months, followed by two months of “Modern” ops, then back to Classic, and so on.  So even though I only participate I the “Classic” sessions, with that spacing out of the sessions  and I can think right now of about five cars that show up randomly, every four or five months, when they show up in the yard, I don’t have to look at the waybill – I know what train I should put it in.  The waybills for all the other cars change, even for tank cars, so everything else requires looking at the waybill to establish where it goes from here.  Much more engaging of brain and pleasure.


    And I agree. But remember that train crews who did the same job every day could recognize where nearly everything in the train was going, when they walked it when going on duty. That we may know where we are going to spot that meat reefer or high-pressure tank car is perfectly prototypical.


Tony Thompson


And as soon as I sent that out, I remembered that 26-27 years ago, when I was designing an engineering firm’s offices and meeting with them regularly, I kept seeing the very same Erie Lackawanna gondola being switched into a steel fabricating plant next door, week after week after week.  The gon went directly inside the building, so I never got a photo of this, but it is the prototypical exception that proves the point made before.




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