Re: Adjusting the gondola fleet

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Brian Carlson wrote:

'Who models their fleet based on staging? (Other than maybe Clark P) you should have some off-layout storage also 
or you’re gonna get bored with the same cars and your operators will begin to know where to route a car automatically.' 

Respectfully, Brian, I'm going to suggest that this depends on the size of one's pike, the number of different industries 
on it and the size of one's car fleet. If one has a 3 x 12 home pike I would probably agree with you but not for a larger
one. By the same tken I know many folks who hace far more rolling stock than can really be justified, amny of whom
hace no pike ot operate them on. At this time I'm one of them. LOL

Cordialy, Don Valentine

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