Intermountain Deco end XM'x and others For Sale

Ted Schnepf


Got in the new arrivals from Intermountain this past week.

Included are 3 boxcars with the distinctive Deco ends. They are a B&O ( with the capital herald), C&O original paint and C&O "For Progress" lettering. Each come in 6 numbers

Other cars include the C&EI yellow with blue lettering and single digit numbers and different slogans for passenger trains (five numbers). A couple unique shortlines. Copper Range from Michigan's upper peninsula and Atlantic & East Carolina with an attractive herald. Two Canadian cars with NSC-2 ends for Ontario Northland and CN. And then to round out the shipment new cars for Lackwana and NYC in Jade green,

All cars are new for IM.

All are at discounted pricing. Inquire off list.

Rails Unlimited

Ted Schnepf
126 Will Scarlet
,Elgin, Ill. 60120


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