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Dave Boss

           Thank you for your response. I have referenced the TKM articles. Unfortunately they do not show any of the duel brake arrangements. F&C is very vague on their instructions. I referenced my 1940 car builder cyclopedia as well with no luck. I'm not going to super detail the underside as it is not visible. However some of the brake detail is visible in some photos, but not clear enough to see how they are arranged. I have no idea how to arrange the brake components parts onto the span bolsters? There are no indications on them to show as to were the parts mite go. F&C just states install them when you get to this point. You mentioned the PRRT&HS flat car book do you know if the book provides any kind of brake arrangement for the cars? If I knew the book listed them I would look for a copy as I don't currently own one. I believe the society has sold them out.

          On another note I did find out that the D&H version of this car that I posted a question on a while back is the same car as a NYC car. They showed up in my 1953 car builders cyclopedia. Both were built 1951.

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Some resources:
TKM 104 -  this is an article by Chuck Cover kit bashing the Bachmann car, but it will show you gross brake locations. 

TKM 108 - My article on etched decks. Not much about brakes here, but if you look at the deck drawings, you can see the mounting bolts for what I believe is the AB valve.

The PRRT&HS flat car book -
Sadly, the shots in that book are mostly dark about the underbody.

Based on looking at the photos online (above) it looks like Chuck has his cylinder mounted too high on the bolster and he needs to add a reservoir to the bolster.

And, of course, you need a full set of brake hardware on each end.

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Hello Guy's
                   I'm currently building a F&C PRR F34 flat car. The instructions are very vague about the placement of brake components. If anyone has any info on the placement of the brake parts I would deeply appreciate this as I'm at a stand still with this car. I know some of the parts are to be installed on the span bolsters but I'm not sure of their placement. Thank's

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