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Agreed.  Cement just didn’t get shipped long distances so the cars that hauled it tended to stay close.  Due to lots of cement dust it also became pretty obvious what service they were in.


As ready-mix plants popped up all over the country after WWII at least one cement maker shipped it in bulk (covered hoppers) to a central point where it was unloaded into silos and then into trucks for delivery to final destination as needed.  Mitchell, Indiana, and Anderson, IN are about 120 miles apart.


Some ready-mix concrete plants were large enough to be served directly by rail, but most small plants got it by truck.  This was very seasonal commodity, also.


Pneumatic trailers (“air cans”) made final delivery of cement delivery by truck practical.  Those trailers looked like the covered hoppers hauling cement.


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With two cement plants within 30 miles and two more twice that distance, a lumber yard on the branch would have to get a great deal on that product  ;  ))
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If you saw a Hannibal Connecting car on your branch line, it would most likely be loaded with bagged cement.


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