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Barry Bennett

The door, pulling loops and the roof and running board may need to be changed as most of the NYC cars had been re-roofed with either straight or diagonal panels and all(ish) some iteration of patch panels by the early/mid 50's. You also need to consider the layout of the brake components and remove the plate protecting the 'triple' valve. If you want NYC it may be easier to buy a Westerfield kit and replace the roof, which is what I will do with mine ......eventually, sometime, maybe.

The Canada Southern site has some good info IIRC.

I caused a bit of a flame war when the Broadway NYC cars were being viewed pre-release as they were post war rebuilds with late 50's paint schemes. I commented that they were borderline foobies as they were rot boxes but had no patch panels. BLI were not very complimentary to me. Then I fanned the flames further by noting that not all patch panels were the same, some rivetted, some welded, some tucked under at the top, some overlaid and that it varied with RR, and probably with repair shop, even the whim of the work force.

That got hot enough to roast a chicken. I just laughed myself silly at them, but did glean some good info. I'd just completed a couple of Ted's kits for the LNE and MEC which had different patch methods so patches were very much in my mind.

I've attached a couple of NYC photos for comparison. I also have a lot of NB car photos as I had a friend who was going to model NB but changed his mind.


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On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 12:20 AM, Barry Bennett wrote:
If you have access to the Vancouver Archive photos you will note that both the NB and the HC reached that city, so not so unlikely to appear in Propst country as presumed.
Barry Bennett, UK.
Thanks Barry. Just looked at them. Great photos! I like the door and pulling loops so might just build the car as is? Need to check my NYC info first tho...
CW Propst

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