Re: Westerfield NB box car

Clark Propst

Barry Bennett
Mar 23   
The door, pulling loops and the roof and running board may need to be changed as most of the NYC cars had been re-roofed with either straight or diagonal panels and all(ish) some iteration of patch panels by the early/mid 50's. You also need to consider the layout of the brake components and remove the plate protecting the 'triple' valve. If you want NYC it may be easier to buy a Westerfield kit and replace the roof, which is what I will do with mine ......eventually, sometime, maybe.

The last three words are unacceptable...Built them!  ;  )) Many of us have nothing better to do anyway....
I struggled with this, it's like a old auto. Do you restore it as was, or do you modify it? I'm more in the restore camp. It came down to resale value. I believe the NYC version would be more desirable. So I built it as NYC, one side is decaled as I write. I understand that the roofs were replaced, but this model in one piece and very, very well done. I model 1948-50 so hopefully not all were replaced by then?
CW Propst

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