Re: Lots of Freightcars [was] Westerfield NB box car

Dennis Storzek

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 04:39 PM, Todd Sullivan wrote:
Umm, the Santa Fe boxcar in the background has the "Ship and Travel" slogan, and I think that started in 1947 or so, and Garth said the L&N PS-1 boxcar two cars to the right from the Santa Fe car was built in 1952.  I think Buffalo 1953 makes more sense, given the evidence.
Oops! The message I responded to had a link that led to the Delano photo on the group's home page... for whatever reason. I know that photo is Bensenville Yard. Since I've seen your recent message, I dug back further and found the pic you guys were actually discussing, which I agree is NOT Bensenville and NOT 1943. I'll go back to sleep now.

Dennis Stoezek

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