Re: Rail Dates Information

Guy Wilber

Schuyler wrote:

“But what I’d really like is a similar document with the significant dates like this that might be more comprehensive.  I started one for myself a long time ago, but that seems to have disappeared.”

There are three versions of such a list within the files section of this list and scores of messages regarding significant dates in the archives.  If you receive a copy of the RMC list I would be interested in a copy, please?  I would also double check the dates listed before using them as fact.

What set me looking for this was wanting to know the dates when AB brakes came into existence, and the later-than-that date when K brakes were outlawed in interchange.  Yes, I know, that outlaw date was frequently flouted, but still, I’d like to know when the rule called for no more K brakes.”

“AB” Brakes were required on all newly constructed freight cars on and after September 1, 1933.

“AB” Brakes were required on all rebuilt freight cars on and after August 1, 1937.

“AB” Brakes were prohibited on freight cars in interchange on and after July 1, 1953.  Tank cars were granted an extension until October 1, 1953.

Empty freight cars being returned to owners were exempt until October 1, 1953.  Empty tank cars being returned to owners were exempt until January 1, 1954.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada


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