Re: Accurail kit 4498

Tim O'Connor

looks a lot like this one (attached)

On 3/24/2020 3:29 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:
Clark Propst wrote:
"I have an Accurail kit #4498. It a single sheathed car and has 7/8 ends and a steel corrugated door. I've asked before what I can model with it and only was given a vague possibility for CN. I found a set of Tichy USRA style ends. I believe the ends would be easier to replace than the door? Did another one besides the Pennsy put steel corrugated doors on their USRA box cars? Would like to do something with this kit!"

If you take this course of action, you'll be doing a bunch of work to create a foobie.  The 5/5/5 Murphy corrugated ends plus the z-section truss members of the Accurail model will NOT accurately model anything, much less any USRA SS boxcar, which had pressed steel truss members.

A quick look at RMJ and MRG articles turned up a photo of DMIR 3328 (pg 11) at this link: 

Ben Hom

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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