Two recent resin builds

James Brewer

I took a break from working on the layout after the first of the year and decided to build some steam era freight cars. I completed two plastic kits and two resin kits.

BS 6528 is a 10' IH War Emergency Boxcar offered by Sunshine as Kit No. 29.2. I have others of this series from Sunshine in my stash and hope to get to them soon. This kit was a delight to build as everything just seemed to fit together well. I did substitute a Kadee running board for the kit supplied etched part.

CB&Q 46840 is Sunshine Kit No. 22.3 and represents a CB&Q XA-14C class boxcar. This car is the “plain Jane” of this group of cars, many of which were rebuilt to become the “Bomber Box Cars” that were recently discussed on the Steam Era Freight Car List. I did have to overcoat the kit supplied decals with several coats of Microscale Liquid Decal Film.

Weathering on both cars was done with Pan Pastels. 

Jim Brewer

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