Re: The Great Yellow Fleet

Tony Thompson

Ryan Laroche wrote:

I was able to find some of your's and Richard's comments in the list archive. Its good to know which parts are more accurate then others. The book still has a place on my bookshelf next to later and dare I say better resources.

     John White's historical writing is simply excellent, and in TGYF the text, at least prior to 1930, is entirely reliable.(For later years, Duke even added text.)  But Duke added a lot of the photos throughout the book and wrote the captions, so unfortunately you cannot necessarily trust ANY figure caption in the book.
      It's too bad, as this book would be a great resource if done as John White intended. OTOH, as Duke perceived, it would have had lesser sales appeal if it tapered off in the 1920s, which is where White's personal interests tapered off.

Tony Thompson

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