Great Northern 50-foot rebuild #39345—Was Walthers #932-5850 Single Sheathed Auto boxcar #932-5850 #39345—was

Bill Welch

Bill, that is a splendid model.  Please tell us more about how you built the rest of it.

Doug Polinder
Poquoson VA

Thank you for your kind words Doug and for possibly overlooking my attempt at peeling paint on the roof that looks to me more like bird droppings. The superstructure is a set of resin casting I purchased from Andy Carlson in the mid-1990's and are patterns done by a very good friend of his using pieces of C&BT Car Shops 40-foot boxcars to make the parts. It represents a steel re-build of one of the GN's 50-ft SS boxcars. I am pretty sure it was inspired by a photo in an early RMJ article. I believe the decals are Champ. I do remember having to use pieces or bits of green decal material to come up with the correct looking "DF" symbol. Paint is either Badger's "Modelflex" or predessor Accuflex paint. I built it over 20 years ago so am a little foggy on the details but I am certain about the highlight I have written here. Hope this answers your question Doug.

Bill Welch

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