Re: A&EC box cars (was Intermountain Deco end XM)

Tim O'Connor


The "S" and "W" both refer to the shape of interior corner POSTS applied to the cars.
They also happen to be reflected in the shape of the overlap on the ends - a "square"
shape and a "round" shape respectively.

As I wrote, IRC does not make the correct end. Early "1937 AAR" standard box cars built
for the Southern, Southern Pacific, and others, had the S corner posts.

Tim O'Connor

On 3/28/2020 11:47 AM, rdgbuff56 via Groups.Io wrote:
I have heard of square-corned ends, I believe W corner ends, terminating and non-terminating ends. I have never heard of S cornered ends. Are they W ends with different name? Basic appearance - round cornered.

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