Index to 101 Years of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Official Minute Books and Records on 35 mm Microfilm 1849 to 1950 and C.E. Perkins Papers 1863-1907 Microfilm

Charlie Vlk

Fellow Railroad Researchers-

Please excuse the off-topic post but I need help on research:

I am hoping that somebody on one of the lists I participate in is a more
accomplished web researcher or perhaps an actual reference librarian that
has some tricks up their sleeve as I have hit a dead end looking for some
CB&Q-related microfilms.
The records were microfilmed in 1949 by the CB&Q, Newberry Library, State
Historical Society of Colorado, and the Denver Public Library and each of
the participants received a copy of the rolls of microfilm. They covered
CB&Q Board Meeting Minutes and other records that are currently in the
Newberry and in fragile condition. I have contacted the three institutions
involved and made some inquiries at the BNSF but nobody has any knowledge of
the whereabouts of any of the sets.

A couple of years ago I ran across an online detailed catalog description of
each of the 45 or so CB&Q microfilm rolls and an additional 15 or so on C.E.
Perkins papers 1863-1907 with call numbers in some online catalog of a
library or college library. AFAIK it was a simple Google search. I
somehow lost the link and cannot find it again after trying every
conceivable search term and variation thereof that I can think of. I am
hoping that the institution that took the time to transcribe the Index and
assign call numbers to the CB&Q and Perkins microfilms has the rolls in
their collection. I would like to obtain a copy of the films or pay to have
them digitized so that research could be done remotely without further
degrading valuable historical documents and having to travel to Chicago.

Any ideas on finding this website beyond the normal Google, Bing, etc.
search engines???

Thank you,
Charlie Vlk

Here is the print citation for the microfilm indexes. I have a hardcopy of
the mimeographed original index.

From the American Archivist review of the Indexes which appeared in the
Division of State Archives, State Historical Society of Colorado. Bulletin
No. (N. p. May, 1951. Pp. 14. Hectograph "The first index is a boon to
researchers seeking data on the CB&Q, the Colorado and Southern, and their
predecessor companies. It reveals the type of material available, the dates
covered and the microfilm roll numbers. The C. E. Perkins Papers
(restricted) and the secondary works receive the same clear treatment.
According to State Archivist Dolores C. Renze the microfilm work was done
over an eighteen months' period as a project for the benefit 64 THE AMERICAN
ARCHIVIST the State Historical Society of Colorado, the Western History the
Denver Public Library, the Newberry Library, and the railroad itselves. It
reflects the encouraging trend: to preserve and centralize records via

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