Re: Westerfield NB box car

Donald B. Valentine

   Yes, a nice car, but since you have stated USRA NYC steel cars, Bruce, I'll bite. Just how close
are those cars to the NYC steel cars that Broadway Limied di a run off? Can't believe they haven't
done another run of those cars inspite of soe nit-picking be a few. I gae them three additional numbers
for Boston & Albany cars that were nown t have lasted into the 1960's so they could offer four different
numbers and Bob Grubba has never responded. Also provised details that coiud be easiy changed to 
get a DL&W car out of it as well. I know they took heat over the solid box of four, as the should have,
instead of four individual cars bundled as a four pack a dealer could break down but that's not a vaild
reason not to produce another run. Wonder if the N&B car might come out of this as well with a new 
door style.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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