Re: Westerfield NB box car

Clark Propst

Donald B. Valentine
 Yes, a nice car, but since you have stated USRA NYC steel cars, Bruce, I'll bite. Just how close
are those cars to the NYC steel cars that Broadway Limied di a run off? 

I'm no expert, but I think the main difference in the roof. Many if not all the NYC cars received rectangular or diagonal panel roofs. Diagonal being the last type applied. The Westerfield NB kit I have came with doors for NB, HC and NYC. The differences seem to be, besides doors. the brake component arrangement and different car puller connections. The body came with a loop style attached to the side side (molded on). To change to a NB or HC car these would need to be shaved off and replaced with some made from flat iron with a rectangular slot. These were welded to the car side. This was done as built or by Universal Cement the original owners.
That's all I got...
CW Propst 

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