FS: InterMountain Santa Fe (SFRD) Reefers, RTR and Kits (HO)

Joseph Melhorn

It’s time to thin down my collection of rolling stock. I've attached a PDF of some Intermountain Santa Fe (SFRD) Reefer Cars. They include RR-21, 23, 27, 28 and 32 Class, with dates ranging from  6/37 to 11/48, many different logos and all have unique road numbers. There are factory RTR and Kits. Pricing per car/kit is: RTR - $24.00/ea., Kit - $12.00/ea. and also indicated in the PDF. There are two partially built kits (Lot 3) - $8.00/ea. as is (Note - some of the stirrup steps have broken loose). All of these cars are out of production. Shipping from 85629 is extra. I will ship the most economical way. Please reply off-list to: toyman@... with your wants.


Joe Melhorn

Sahuarita, AZ  85629



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