Re: IM Deco End Car Question

Guy Wilber

Garth Wrote:

“The IM Deco boxcar has the circle with a horizontal bar across only the center of the circle. That doesn't quite seem to fit any of the signs you describe.”

As I suspected, the symbol on the C&O cars (despite having a horizontal bar)designates cars equipped with lading strap anchors.  

From Al Kresse: 

Diagram sheet 17 (Aug 4, 1937, late rev'd in 1960) for C&O 5000-5499 series (three series combined here) says "AZ EE lading straps and anchors to 4000-5499" and handwritten Note 2 to 5000-5499 series (both Dreadnaught and Deco ends) "100 cars have AZ EE lading straps."  That would be your oval with horizontal bar marking on the door it appears. 

Thanks, Al

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada 


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