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Mont Switzer

Should be one hell of a one day show.   Mont Switzer 

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While the Sheraton did try to move us to a Wed-Fri program schedule, the issue was the costs didn’t go down. We have a lot of walk in traffic from locals on Saturday, a day we offer a one day rate for those folks who couldn’t get off work during the week. It helped balance the bills enough that we weren’t comfortable losing out on that bit of revenue. If the show continued in its “Big Format”. 

I applaud Frank’s willingness to shift this event a bit. A small format is a good thing this year. And let’s see what 2021 brings. I hope everything bounces back. 

I do know that I’m finding a lot of time to work on models all of the sudden. Make sure you support your local hobby shops. And or Des Plaines Hobbies who are still doing mail order!

Mike Skibbe

On Mar 29, 2020, at 2:29 AM, Bob Chapman <chapbob611@...> wrote:

Tom Madden writes:
"The Sheraton - Lisle would rather do weddings on Saturdays than conventions so they've priced themselves out of range for meets like ours."

The 1+ day meet arrangements at NIU for 2020 make perfect sense, given the overall situation. But if the hotel situation described by Tom continues into 2021, I have to wonder whether Chicagoland might be nearly as successful with a full 2 1/2 day mid-week convention vs the scaled-down weekend version. Many of the attendees are retirees where "every day is a Saturday," and the sampling of younger attendees I have met seem committed enough RPMers to consider scheduling vacation time. Mid-week weddings would be less of an issue; mid-week competition for the convention space and room availability vs. weekday business travel would have to be checked out with the hotel.

No question we would lose some folks with mid-week timing, but if things look encouraging from the hotel, there might be interesting insight if Frank were to poll the registrants and dealers from 2019 with this question. And to put us back on topic for realSTMFC -- more time for freight car clinics and discussion!

Bob Chapman

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