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Mont Switzer

Allan and all,

The NKP 18000 AAR 47 rebuilds were programmed at Frankfort. IN Car Shop just before the merger with WAB and N&W.

Not an NKP expert either.  Just had to figure this out when building the models. 

Mont Switzer 

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NKP 18000 Series Boxcars. See Mont Switzer article in Mainline Modeler March 1994 Page 28-29. The NKP Rebuilt some 16000-17999 cars and renumbered them into the 18000 series. I am not an expert in the NKP, but am building NKP cars for my layout, from conductors lists from the Sierra RR in 1954.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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I only mention this because this subject seems to come up alot. Yesterday I decided to build four plastic kits as a change of pace from drilling and pushing in grab irons on resin models. I have three IMWX and one Intermountain AAR 37 design kits to make home road. I had stripped the lettering off the IM kit previously. I thought the IMWX kits were all undecs, but one was lettered NKP. I use Scalecoat stripper. I dipped the car in for about a half hour. Didn't touch the lettering. I did one more dip, no success. I thought, well, I'll leave it NKP. The car was numbered in the 18000 series. I checked Ed Hawkins AAR 37 list and found no cars listed in that series. So, I dipped the body in the stripper for several hours. Finally with scrubbing it came off. They used good paint in the old days  ;  ))
CW Propst

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