Re: Index to 101 Years of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Official Minute Books and Records on 35 mm Microfilm 1849 to 1950 and C.E. Perkins Papers 1863-1907 Microfilm

Bruce A. Metcalf

On 3/28/20 6:42 PM, Charlie Vlk wrote:

Please excuse the off-topic post but I need help on research:
I think that's mostly what we do here.

A couple of years ago I ran across an online detailed catalog
description of each of the 45 or so CB&Q microfilm rolls and an
additional 15 or so on C.E. Perkins papers 1863-1907 with call
numbers in some online catalog of a library or college library.
AFAIK it was a simple Google search. I somehow lost the link and
cannot find it again after trying every conceivable search term and
variation thereof that I can think of. ...
Any ideas on finding this website beyond the normal Google, Bing,
etc. search engines???
Try <>. It's a union catalog of hundreds of large libraries, with an emphasis on university and research libraries. I've found it an invaluable for seeing who has what.

/ Bruce /

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