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Hi Dennis- I spent some time last night looking at all this and found the 2 photos you mention on Ian’s site. Also, Black Cat does have decals for the steel end cars and their website shows an excellent build of one of these cars.  It would also appear that the Algoma Central had cars quite similar to the CN steel end cars.The explanation as to the rail end post and photo reference is very helpful. The only remaining question I have is, you previously referenced the Don Valentine door and one-half kit- was this to retrofit the steel end cars back before they were rebuilt to 6’ doors or what was the purpose? Les

From: Dennis Storzek
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:57 PM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Accurail kit 4498
I was looking at Ian's web site some more tonight, and have a few corrections:

The resin kit is specifically the CC&F cars, CNR 500000-500223. It turns out Ian's roster has links to photos of some of the cars, and the photo of the ECC built cars shows they lack the fishbelly underframe the CC&F cars had.

The steel ended cars were the ex GT cars built in 1921, which means after rebuilding to 6' door boxcars they were 461000-463999. Here's a photo: It doesn't really show the end, but notice that next to the N in national, the center lap of the two part end shows where it comes around the corner. Here's a better photo from the Fallen Flags website:

You asked about the rail end post. At some point the CNR decided to beef up the original four post ends by adding a fifth post right at the center. The new post was made of reclaimed rail with its base against the wood sheathing, and shows pretty well in this photo:
There are hardly any bolts; it was held in place with forged angle brackets riveted to the rail web top and bottom. The center Z posts are 4", so the rail is likely 60 or 65 pound rail, given it was used rail, some head wear would have made it about 4" tall... that would be .046" in HO, and the closest available scale rail would be Code 40.

You can get a good feel for the appearance of the ARA cast steel trucks used, keep in mind the cars are 120,000 Lbs. capacity (yes, 60 tons) so they are pretty hefty trucks.

Hope this answers all your questions.

Dennis Storzek


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