Re: 101 Years of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Official Minute Books and Records on 35 mm Microfilm 1849 to 1950 and C.E. Perkins Papers 1863-1907 Microfilm

Bruce A. Metcalf


Thank you for all the responses to my plea....but so far nobody has come up
with any strategy that I haven't tried, retried, and attacked with every
permutation of search terms that I could think of.....
Recently I have used Google Scholar and several other academic research
search engines. I have come up with a number of interesting articles but
none of them lead to the (((#$&(@ online catalog listing that I cannot find.
I have come back to the original article in the Colorado History magazine
and review thereof in American Archivist and several other references but
not the microfilms themselves.
I have tried direct frontal attacks on likely university and other
institution online catalogs but so far nothing is popping up that resembles
the link I lost. Sigh.....
Sounds like it's time for you to employ the services of a reference librarian at an academic library. Try your local universities, or just as your local public library for a recommendation.

Some times you just need professional help!

/ Bruce /

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