Re: Photo: End-Loading Poultry Car

Bob Chaparro

And some comments from Doug Harding, who has some expertise in this area...

I dispute some of John Wubbel’s assumptions. And his commentary shows some of the confusion that exists out there.

The first photo shows poultry car LPTC 467, a standard Live Poultry designed car. The end doors were for ventilation, not for loading. This design had poultry loaded via the center door. The birds were removed from the farmer’s crates, and placed into the built in car crates by hand. There were some early poultry car designs that involved loading the farmer’s crates on to the car, but farmers had a hard time getting their crates back, so the Live Poultry design became the standard by the 1880s.

To my knowledge Hicks never built a poultry car. They did build stockcars, and the CGW did have some Hicks stockcars. I had not seen the photo of the CGW car on the Hanover Railway, but it shows a standard Hicks design.

And the drawing looks more like the interior of a horse car.

Doug  Harding

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