Re: New Run: Rapido HO Scale General American Meat Reefer

Brian Carlson

I know that yard. Lol. The big change for the rapido reefers you need to remove the tabs sill on the Swift reefers. The sill needs to be full length. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Apr 3, 2020, at 7:29 PM, Todd Sullivan via <sullivant41@...> wrote:

I don't know about the Barber S-1 trucks, Bill, but you could ask Rapido about making them available.  I think they are pretty open to ideas from modelers.

About the Swift reefers, the cars in both color schemes are numbered in the 2500-2874 series, which was the last Swift model that Sunshine did.  Swift did have these cars.  The 'red banner' scheme was short lived, IRRC, and was succeeded by the red, white and silver (roof) scheme. 

Actually, in the photos I've seen of the red scheme, Swift initially only painted the sides and ends, so the roofs showed all the board-by-board replacements of rotted roofing over time, in colors ranging from dark pink to light pink to light gray.  I suspect Swift did that because they wanted to get the whole car fleet repainted quickly and figured that no one at ground level could see the roofs, LOL.  Eventually, they started painting the roofs silver.  I've added a photo of two Atlas Swift reefers I reworked a bit for someone else.  I wish I had better photos to show the variety of roof colors, but they were all done following photos in an article in Railmodel Journal on Swift reefers.

Todd Sullivan 
<SRLX 5103 3-4 Aend top.JPG>

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