Re: New Run: Rapido HO Scale General American Meat Reefer

Tony Thompson

Todd Sullivan wrote Dreferring to Tony Koester)e\:

Back in his Allegheny Midland layout days, I once asked him why he didn't detail and weather all his hopper cars.  He replied that he needed 200 hoppers and was still trying to finish work on the layout.  That was an instant "Oh, never thought about that" from me.  

      Reminds me of my days in Pittsburgh, when my good friend C.J. Riley always had an excellent entry in the model contests at NMRA regionals. At one of those meets, C.J. casually mentioned to someone that he was starting a layout. The other person immediately responded, "I guess we won't be seeing you in the contest room any more." I was surprised at the comment, and said so, and the reply was, "Wait and see." Of course, he was right. Ya just can't do everything.

Tony Thompson

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