Re: Anyone Want A First Generation SFRD Mechanical Reefer?

Armand Premo

Missing car  ?  A Magor 70 ton side dump car. Armand Premo


On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 11:05 AM Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Not to mention the UNION TANK CAR UTLX X-1 tank cars!! AAARGH!


On 4/5/2020 2:31 PM, Charlie Vlk wrote:
> All-
> Why do an interchange freight car prototype that had a hundred or less examples?
> Have we completely run out of missed cars with broader multi road application?
> I don’t think we have many production single sheathed door and a half box cars and many of them had very long service lives and numbered in the thousands on many lines...and went all over.
> Charlie Vlk
> Don’t be fooled by the Lionel  F3 syndrome-  while a great railroad with attractive equipment, nothing else sells like it without Warbonnet paint....ATSF freight units sell about the same as high middle other roads.  Even a ATSF layout might not “need” a scarce car that was quickly obsoleted.

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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