WFEX 1201-1202 freight reefers


I was just poking around in early WFEX history, in the ORER's.

In both my January 1939 and my April 1941, I found these two cars, listed as freight reefers, not express.  They are interesting, I think.

OL                    50'-8"
IL                      44'

EXH                 17'-3 5/16"  

Door width      4'
Door height     10'-6"

Cu Ft               3848

Capy                80,000

I did a quick search on this list and on the GN one, and found nothing.

The cars do not appear in my July 1945 ORER, though there ARE other interesting nominal 50 footers.

Any thoughts on these giants?


Edward Sutorik

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