Re: Meat reefers

Donald B. Valentine

Hi Fran,

    I'm well familiar with the interchange points of the Erie and New Haven and occasionally swing into Maybrook when 
traveling just to recall what the sorry sight there now used to look like. But I would NEVER suggest that the New Haven 
and Boston & Maine reached Worcester, Mass. via "branch lines" as Worcester was probably the largest interchange 
point between the two roads. Springfield, Mass., which you omit, would have been the second. There was still interchange
in Boston via New Haven owned Union Fright (pun intended for those who have ever driven on Atlantic Ave. in Boston at 
night when Union Freight was operating)! The Lowell and Fitchburg interchange points were on B&M mains but definitely 
branches for the New Haven, primarily for traffic to or from New Haven points in Southeastern Mass. and Rhode Island. 
Whiting Milk Co., to whom my family shipped, milk used to reach the Whiting plant in Providence via Lowell in Central 
Vermont Rwy. can cars. I'm not certain if that route ever switched to milk tank cars. New Haven traffic to & from Lowell 
was usually heavy enough to require the use of an R-1 class 4-8-2 to handle it, often #3225 with a V-2 Vanderbilt tender
given the number of photos I have of here there and the scarcity of photos of other R-1's there.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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