Re: Photo: Pres-To-Logs Boxcar

Alex Huff

Curious about a billboard boxcar rather than a reefer, I did a little research.  Note there are no reporting marks.  I searched a 1927 and a 1944 Equipment Register.  No reporting marks listed for the Presto Log Company or Potlatch Lumber Co.  The car number and cubic capacity matches a W, I & M boxcar.  Oddly, the W, I & M did not show assigned reporting marks in the ER, but gives instructions for per diem payments.  An internet list of reporting marks assigns WIM to the railroad.  The same reporting marks are officially assigned to a successor company, the Washington & Idaho.  It runs on both ex-BN and WI&M track.

Bottom line, without further proof the car ever ran with that paint, I would hesitate to paint a model as such.

Alex Huff, who once worked the front end of a Budd stainless steel ATSF lunch counter diner that used an oven fired with Presto logs     


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