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>>Add three small cinders from a locomotive and it is ready to serve on an open observation platform.<<
So true, Chuck! And in case of some not-so-fine whisky don't forget a small drop of steam engine bearing oil to help getting that stuff down the throat. ;-)
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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The proportion on whisky to ice is important, too.  Really fine whisky is delivered in barrels carried in a D/S trussrod boxcar. Carefully decanted and a bit of clear ice rubbed on the outside of the glass.  Add three small cinders from a locomotive and it is ready to serve on an open observation platform.
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So right Tony, bourbon is 100 times better over clear ice
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Claus Schlund wrote:
I notice that the Armour Packing Co area has a portion of the building labeled as ‘Ice Machs’ – this makes me wonder if Armour owned the ice making equipment, and then used some portion of the ice for their own needs, and if Armour then possibly sold excess ice on a wholesale basis to Marion Ice, who perhaps in turn resold that ice on a retail basis.
     Remember that "commercial ice" was frozen as quickly as possible and accordingly contained really a lot of trapped air bubbles, making it at best translucent and often opaque and white. The ice consumers prefer to buy is frozen slowly enough for it to be clear or nearly so. Of course some consumer ice, intended for (literal) ice boxes or making ice cream, etc. can be the cloudy ice, but people would prefer not to put that into a drinking glass.
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