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Schleigh Mike

A Little more on this---

Kaminski's Magor book, page 90, has a photo of car 49262 and that car's sheathing is the conventional five panels on each side of the door.

And I guess I mis-read Garth's photo of car 49488 (It is not 49498.).

Regards----Mike Schleigh

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Hello Garth & Group!

According to the ELRRHS re-printed 1952 DL&W freight car listing that I have mentioned in earlier times in these pages, DL&W 49498 was a member of series 49000-49499 built by Magor in Feb. to April of 1940.  There is no mention on the diagram of any side sheathing detail.  Sorry, no other help.

Regards from Grove City, Penna.    Mike Schleigh

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While searching for Standard Container Company, I ran across this image of a DL&W boxcar, which appears to show very odd side panels. The sides look similar to some Pullman late-1930s lightweight boxcars, or is this just bad retouching?

In my ORER, D&LW 49000-49502 appear to be "normal" 40' IL, 10' IH boxcars of 3712 cubic feet, and a 100,000 capacity. Any thoughts? From the photo, this car was built 4-40.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

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