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Douglas Harding

I would concur with a Howard, an LCL meat car, era dependent. Once roads were established, esp after WWII, trucks served the local grocery stores. Also remember this was farm and ranch country, and until modern times most farmers/ranchers raised their own meat, some still do. They either butchered themselves or they had a local “locker” in town butcher for them. These local operations also served the town’s needs and often even provided for the local grocery story by buying a hog or cow from the a local farmer. Local lockers are still found in many communities in Iowa. They cater to the area farmers, but also do a lot of business during deer season with hunters.


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4 locations of 1000 or more. Local butchers/meat shows?

Could very well be a branch with a meat "route car" that ran once a week

Works like a LCL car, kept in the train an offloaded only to specified buyers.

This could have been at the end of a route that  started on the main line.


I have CGW documents that show some route cars took 3 days to complete their route.


Howard arner


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