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Dave Nelson

Brach houses were pretty much the standard presence of name brand meats here on the west coast and AFAIK Doug’s description below is spot on.


There is one more business to note regarding meat traffic and that’s Cold Storage houses.  They’d store anything needing refrigeration, including meats.  One large facility that’s probably overlooked is the Naval Supply Center in Oakland.   They shipped all the non-explosive needs into the Pacific theater for decades  and they had a large cold storage house as well. 


It’s plausible that large military bases regularly received meat reefers.  I  do not know who the military bought meat from but I would not be surprised if several packers sold to them – cured pork from one, sides of beef from others, pork or lamb sides from other companies.


Dave Nelson


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Eldon the major meat packers: Swift, Armour, Wilson, Cudahy all had branch houses scattered across the country. The Branch Houses would receive carcasses, ie swinging meat, from the slaughter houses, then “process” the carcass into various meat cuts. These cuts then went to grocery concerns, meat markets, restaurants, institutions ie hospitals, prisons, etc. where they might be further cut down into steaks, chops, roasts, ground meat, etc. Some slaughter operations were full processing plants, where cold cuts, sausage, etc was made. But branch houses could also have this responsibility.


Note a branch house would only receive reefers from their respective slaughter house. However a grocery warehouse or cold storage facility would have reefers from all the meat packers.


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