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Doug Paasch

Add to Doug Harding's  list of cities, I was just looking at GN customers in Seattle and the list included those packers as well.

Doug Paasch

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Meat packing plants in the West were located at Phoenix, Los Angeles (Vernon), South San Francisco, Sacramento,  Portland, Tacoma. Swift, Armour, Cudahy, Wilson all had plants out West. Tovrea, Swanston, Carstens, Nuckolls were regional packers who served the West. WWII created a huge demand for meat on the west coast, to feed the military and all the factory workers who migrated out there.



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So it is safe to say that meat reefers were not a west coast thing, say 1930's/1940's?  I have not seen any in period pictures, but doesn't mean they didn't exist.  I have a couple of Sylvan meat reefer kits I keep wondering if I should build to run on Western Pacific/Southern Pacific consists.
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