Re: Anyone Want A First Generation SFRD Mechanical Reefer?

Tim O'Connor

Bob you need to move your questions to another group - Some of these cars
didn't exist in the STMFC era which ends with 1960.

I could help you, but not here. ;-)

On 4/9/2020 12:40 PM, Bob Chaparro via wrote:

Comments and questions from David North...

I model 1985 and was re-reading Stephen Priest’s boxcar book and remembered that most of the reefer classes that Bob mentioned were converted to boxcars around 1979.

Rr-54 converted to Bx-201          over 9 cars 1979-1987

Rr-56 converted to Bx-202           over 67 cars 1979-1987

Rr-60 converted to Bx-203           over 6 cars 1979-1987

Rr-61 converted to Bx-204           over 15 cars 1979-1987

Rr-65 converted to Bx-205           over 40 cars 1979-1987

Rr-66 converted to Bx-195*         over 600 cars 1979-1991

*Bx-195 class consisted of Rr-66, 69 & 71 conversions

So I’d be happy with any of the above classes, provided the body mods were minimal.

Does anyone know what body modifications were made when the cars were converted?



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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