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william darnaby

There are 5 photos of Morrell 40ft Mather reefers in the Refrigerator Car Color Guide by Morning Sun.  If you model reefers you really need this book.


Bill Darnaby


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   I was about to point out that Morrell used a LOT of Mather meat reefers and Red Caboose has offered one for some

years that seems to match many photos fairly well. BUT these are 36 ft. reefers. Didn't Morrell also use some 40 ft.

Mather cars as well? I've got a foot of file cabinet space o this stuff gong back 20 years as Doug Harding is aware. Need 

to find some time to dig into it. Incidentally the meat packers that were most helpful in offereing info on tier rail operations

and equipment in that period were Hormel and Oscar Mayer, othof which were quite helpful.


Cordially, Don Valentine

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