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Douglas Harding

This is the history included with the Red Caboose Model, written by Richard Hendrickson.


Mather's 37' Refrigerator Cars

Among the cars in the Mather leasing fleet were several hundred 37' meat refrigerator cars which had been converted from stock cars. From the 1930's through the 1950's, several hundred of these cars were leased to the Rath Packing Co. Other meat packing firms that leased 37' Mather reefers at one time or another include the Hygrade Food Products Corporation, the Hunter Packing Co., the Kohrs Packing Co., and Oscar Mayer and Co. These cars were also operated on a short-term lease basis under Mather's own MUNX and MRRX reporting marks.


Mather's 37' refrigerator cars had steel framed bodies with wood sheathing and interior lining, single sheathed ends, and Mather

patent metal sheathed roofs. During the 1940's they were upgraded with AB air brakes, geared hand brakes, new draft gear, and modified end sills. In this form, many remained active through the 1950's and some lasted into the 1960's.



Doug  Harding



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There were 36' 7" Mather Vegetable & Beef cars built by H&B.  I've not looked at the Red Caboose model, but if they were "short" - shorter than the 40' cars also produced, it could be those?

At 08:03 AM 4/10/2020, william darnaby wrote:

Yes, Don, that’s the one.  Doug has replied that the short RC models are likely foobies so it appears the Sunshine model is the only option.  I have also built one and the kit was typical of Martin’s early efforts.
Would you please contact me offline as I have a NERS question.
Bill Darnaby
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 Hi Bill,
     If you mean Gene Green's reefer book I've had it for years and should also have noted that
all the 40 ft. Mather cars I'm familiar with had steel ends, unlike any of the 36 I've seen
or the GA built Morrell cars.
Cordially, Don Valentine

Bob Webber

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