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William Hirt


As Don Valentine pointed out, the Red Caboose Mather is a 36' car. From what I can see in the January 1953 ORER, there are only two of cars of that type listed in service under the Morrell listing. There over 1200 of the 40' cars in service which was noted to be in the Refrigerator Car Guide. Morrell was also leasing 3 Mather 40' boxcars (MCAX Series 500-699).

Bill Hirt

On 4/9/2020 8:14 PM, Ted Schnepf wrote:
Hi Bill and Nelson,

I dug out my 1954 Moody's Industrial's book. Morrell had three US p;ants at the time. Ottumwa was the largest 1.9 mil sq ft,, followed by Sioux Falls at 1.4 mil sq ft, and Topeka Kansas. The annual slaughter was 4.5 million hogs, cattle and sheep per year for the three plants.

Branch houses were located in Los Angles, Oakland Ca, St Paul, Mineapolis, Duluth, Fargo, ND, Memphis, Mobil, Al, Philadelphia, Syrarcus, NY, Aberdeen, SD and Liverpool, England. Morrell started in England in 1827. Ottumwa also had a company creamery and the Red Heart dog food plant.

"Company opwns about 550 reefers and tanks cars and leases additional reefers"

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