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Tim O'Connor

There were DEFINITELY slaughterhouses that could produce 50 loads per day! A full load
of beef sides or pork bellies probably had barely 20 tons of meat, if that. I once read
a PRR publication that listed average tons per load and was surprised how many cargos did
not approach the full weight capacity of freight cars.

Scan from the Illinois Central 1955 annual report.

On 4/9/2020 3:24 PM, Ted Schnepf wrote:
Hi Nelson,

Your are correct in that that one plant could not produce 50 loads in one day. Keep in mind the Milwaukee, RI, and Wabash also got a few loads of meat in Ottumwa. Off course the plant also produced tank cars of tallow and cars of hides. And then I am certain the train was filled with other priority cars going eastbound.

As I understand the packing industry Monday was a slow shipping day, and then at the end of the week Friday and Saturday the output increased.

I also have a shortage of Morrell reefers, in my case out of Sioux Falls.

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