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Patrick Wade

Regarding the opposite river bank. I think that those are winter moorings for power boats. They drive in and are individually lifted out of the water for winter storage in their own garage. I am guessing that to leave them in the water might result in ice damage to the hulls.

Pat Wade
Santa Barbara, CA

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´╗┐Well, my first thought about this spectacular photo was "Wow, a snap-track layout!" Well, not quite, the radii are larger than even 22", but I also would like to know what is that arrangement on the opposite side of the river all about?


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Jeff Helm pointed out this SPECTACULAR industrial photo from the 1960's but the Hooker Chemical plant here was built in the 1940's and lasted through the 1990's (at least that long) so I thought it is worth sharing around. If my stupid mail program truncates the long URL you'll have to paste it back together to see it in your browser. :-\:-)


On 4/8/2020 3:05 PM, Jeff Helm wrote:
Found the online photos, at the Tacoma Public Library digital collections. Some interesting links:
First two are the caustic tank car.

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