C&O 9827

Richard Remiarz

Last month I asked for information on the C&O 1930 40' automobile boxcars.  Thank you to everyone that responded.  The information provided was very helpful.  I just completed the car today. 

This is a F&C one-piece body kit.  I added TMW Buckeye trucks, Red Caboose 7 rung ladders, DA tackboards, DA roping rings, HiTech Details air hoses and brackets, DA coupler cut levers, Yarmouth cut lever brackets and brake levers, with Grandt Line turnbuckles and DA chain used on the brake gear.  I used TruColor TCP-219 C&O Freight Car Red paint with Speedwitch decals.  Since the car was repainted only 10 months before the date I model, a light coat of weathering was applied using Pan Pastel Raw Umber and Neutral Grey Extra Dark.

Rich Remiarz
Vadnais Heights, MN

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