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Douglas Harding

I have toured the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. Great history lesson about the role and importance of the Liberty Ships and a lot fun.


For steam era freight car interests, the O’Brien is birthed within sight of the State Belt Railroad of San Francisco. Also a must for history buffs.


Doug  Harding




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Really Don? 


Try the S,S, Jeremiah O'Brien 😉


There is one on each coast. Indeed each of these ships struggles, because they are now approaching 80 years old, and a ship build in 7 days was never designed to last that long.  Not to mention ANY ship requires significant ongoing investment (def of "boat" - "a hole into the water into which you pour money")


So no, no east/west bias to be seen here.






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     What a shame to cut up the Liberty Ships. I gather there was no interest on the Left Coast to restore one 

as has been done on the East Coast with the John W. Brown out of Baltimore on which crusies are offered or 

even just tours such as on the DDE USS Slater in Albany, NY or the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA. IIRC there

is also a WW II flat top in NYC.


Cordially, Don Valentine


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