Re: Adding some color to the fright car roster UP #57068

Dick Harley

Very nice model, Fenton.  Always good to see a UP car modeled well.

I have a couple minor nits to pick, that I expect very few people to know.
First, the UP began putting the solid journal Repack data in an elongated UP shield stencil starting in January 1951, so your car should have that stencil.  It is on the Speedwitch decal sheet, but starts in 1953.  The little square on the left side is for cars with mechanical journal lubricators.
Second, the reweigh station symbol of "KR" (for Kemmerer, WY according to Richard Hendrickson) Is one I don't ever recall seeing on a UP freight car.  Kemmerer is listed as having a track scale in 1951, but I have no idea if it was used for determining LT WT on freight cars.  I have not talked to Ted about why it is on his decal sheet or if he has a photo.
Perhaps Frank Peacock or other knowledgable UP freight car person could comment about UP reweigh stations.

Much more info on painting and lettering UP freight cars is on my SmugMug site, though I now see that I apparently have not posted a list of common UP reweigh stations - need to do that.

You are right about the date for the change to all Armour Yellow lettering - July 1947.
And you picked a good car number.  That car kept its original car number and stayed in standard service until it was retired in 1982.

Thanks for sharing.

Stay Safe & Healthy,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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